Let us share with you FIVE ways to enhance PRACTICE SERVICE and PROFITABILITY!


Their technologists are excellent. The quality and timely results are outstanding. –Internal Medicine Practice - Chattanooga, TN

Insight has a great reputation and fast and reliable results. Plus, our patients love them. What more could you ask for?–Family Practice - Charlotte, NC

Even though we have full service imaging capability across the street, we would still have to wait longer for the test results, delaying patient diagnosis and treatment.–Internal Medicine Practice - Nashville, TN

Before we started using Insight, our patients had to deal with a tedious registration process and long wait times. Now, they can come right to our office and have access to great technology and skilled ultrasonographers. –Nephrology Practice - Charlotte, NC

I was seen by the doctor on August the 20th for a mass in my thyroid and was quickly scheduled for a thyroid ultrasound conveniently provided in the practice on August 21st which lead to the finding of thyroid cancer. I was referred promptly to a specialist to treat the thyroid cancer.  I feel the ultrasound and staff’s immediate response to the results helped me get quickly started on the road to recovery. Thank you!

–Patient of Generations Family Practice - Cary, NC