Customer Service

We build our relationships to last!


Our goal is to provide exceptional, personalized customer service for each of our clients.  In addition to onsite ultrasound service, Insight Imaging provides the following support services:

  • Clinical Leadership:  Insight Imaging offers clinical education and awareness programs to our customers to insure the wise and appropriate use of ultrasound service.   This clinical leadership also provides programs to assist the practice with information to provide timely follow up medical imaging care in the case of certain ultrasound findings.
  • Medical Billing:   Insight Imaging employs a full time billing staff which is available to answer any questions that may be encountered in the ultrasound billing process.
  • Operational Support:  Insight Imaging employs dedicated operational professionals to insure that all of the medical practice needs are met, e.g. scheduling, supplies, reports, etc.
  • Picture Archiving and Communication System:  Our PACS technology allows for the transmission and archival of clinical images and paperwork to guarantee the quick turn-around of final reports and to aid in the referral of patients to specialists for continuing care.